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Women in Business (Infographic)

"You've come a long way, baby." Virginia Slims summarized the professional women perfectly over the past 50 years. As women, we've come a long way in terms of dollar-for-dollar compensation and entrances into MBA programs.

Here is our take on women in business and the MBA programs.

Women in business infographic Women in Business (Infographic)

Sadly, there is still a long road ahead for women. Female CEO executives are compensated far less than their male counterparts. Some studies attribute it to leaving the workforce to take care of children, some studies claim women are not as aggressive as men, and some studies cannot pinpoint any reasons for discrepancies in salaries.

Even in Europe, educated women in business receive less, half that amount compared to men. No surprise then that our infographic focuses on the strides society has made in terms of gender equality but also how much is left to do.

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Thanks to Jonathan for creating the infographic.

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